BIPOC in Portland
BIPOC in Portland
Humaira Tasneem

Welcome to BIPOC in Portland

An online community network for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Portland.

Why You Should Join Us

Let’s face it — Portland isn’t inclusive enough. This social network/community platform is exclusively designed for BIPOC identifying residents and newcomers of Portland. Here you can talk to people who live near you, find the latest events, and use the platform like you would use Facebook — except without the noise and clutter of Facebook. 

Here are some top features: 

- It's free!

- It's also advertisement free

- It has a 'Spaces' feature that lets you find people that live near your location.

- There is an app version to mighty networks 

- Your data is safe! Mighty networks own none of the data.

About me

I am Humaira Tasneem. I identify as a South Asian Muslim and this platform was built after talking to numerous BIPOC identifying folks who said they experienced a lack of community in Portland. The situation was similar for me when I moved to the city. 

Together, we can build community, help each other thrive in the whitest big city of the United States, and modify the system that was never designed for us to thrive.